Hidden Details You Might Have Missed In New Toy Story 4 Trailer

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We're obsessed already.

It's been *checks watch* like, twelve hours since the first full length trailer for Toy Story 4 hit our screens and we're averaging six views an hour.

It was somewhere around our twenty-second viewing that we starting spotting details we missed while sobbing to the Beach Boys.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, please familarise yourself with the below:

All caught up?

Without further ado, please see a break down of some of the bits and pieces you might have missed - but who we, while telling our boss this was "for work" noticed.

1. 'Andy' the Influencer.

It would appear Andy's penchant for labelling his toys has been picked up by young Bonnie.

In the opening scenes of the trailer, Bonnie's name can be seen written across Forky's 'feet':

2. Bonnie is a pro at toy making.

Bonnie appears to have made her own toys before. Pictured below is a Franken-pretzel come to life. Why he lacks existential dread is unknown.

3. Tin Toy

Tin Toy - from the 1988 Pixar short of the same name - can also be spotted for a brief moment in the trailer.

The original video feat. the drummer toy is terrifying that a brief moment is more than enough TBH

5. Tri-County Area

There's literally an entire Wiki Fandom page dedicated to spotting this one. "Tri-County Area" appears in just about every Pixar film and Toy Story 4 is no exception.

6. Gabby Gabby.

She rocks up for a few scenes in the trailer but Gabby Gabby - and her army of ventriloquist dolls - is believed to be the Big Bad of the movie. She's reportedly based on Chatty Cathy, a popular toy in the US during the '60s.

Anyone else weirdly keen to see this existential spork come June?

Image: Toy Story 4 / Disney's Pixar

Written By Ally Parker