Harry Potter star Alan Rickman dies, aged 69

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Beloved British actor Alan Rickman’s death has shocked the world.

British actor Alan Rickman, best known for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series, has sadly passed away from cancer at age 69.

“The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends,” family said in a statement.

Rickman made headlines last year after he announced he had married his long-term partner in secret - Rima Horton - who he has been with since 1977 - back in 2012.

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In an interview with a German news outlet, he simply said, 

“We are married. Just recently. It was great, because no one was there.

“After the wedding in New York we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and ate lunch.”

While Professor Snape has been his most stand out role over the last decade, Rickman was also renowned for his role in Love Actually as the dedicated boss with the wandering eye, and also as “the bad guy” in the original Die Hard.


J.K Rowling tweeted her condolences - 

Rickman was born in London, and worked his way up the acting ranks before hitting the big time in Hollywood.

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Rickman scored himself a plethora of awards over his time in show biz - nominated for several Bafta nominations and winning a Golden Globe for best actor in a mini series or television film for his role in Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny.

Emma Watson posted about her sadness to learn of Rickman's death -

:( RIP Alan Rickman.

Written By Emily Whitham