The Good Place Season 3 Bloopers Are Here To Make Your Life A Good Place

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Forkin’ hilarious. 

The Good Place is one of the most hilarious shows on Netflix right now. 

It’s also super good and has a pretty epic cast so yeah, it has a lot going for it. 

Just when we thought we couldn’t love it (or Kristen Bell) any more than we already do, the Season Three blooper reel was released and suddenly…we love it more. 

This weekend, The Good Place creators and cast stopped by San Diego Comic-Con to talk about Season 4 of the series.

The lucky audience were treated to a clip from the start of the upcoming season. Apparently it showed a very boring man, entering Eleanor 's Medium Place.

Sounds pretty normal. 

Until Eleanor then asks Janet to summon a baby elephant made of light who tells the universe's secrets - one of which is that Shirley Temple killed JFK. 

season 3 omg GIF by The Good Place

There’s also a scene where Michael talks to a Disco Janet, who he describes as "a lot".

If you ask us, Season 4 sounds like a lot. But we love it already. 

Season 4, aka the last season of The Good Place, will air on Sept. 26, 2019. 

Images: The Good Place / Netflix, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi