Get excited, Riverdale fans! Season 3 has officially started filming

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Here's everything we know so far

We’ve been in deep Riverdale withdrawals ever since Archiekins and co left our screens in May.

But there’s some good news: Season 3 has officially started filming!

According to the official Archie comics Twitter account, the third season will premiere on Wednesday 10 October.

Two new characters are set to cause some trouble for our faves, with Evelyn Evernever and Edgar Evernever moving to Riverdale during the new season. Evelyn will be Betty's new BFF who may have ulterior motives while Edgar and his sketchy group of followers will get close to Alice.

While details on the new season are scarce, we DO know the title of the season 3 premiere, which seems to suggest a time jump to the new school year.


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Written By Cassie Crofts