Former Bachie Star Brooke Blurton Calls Show ‘Untrustworthy’

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Well... she’d know.

Bachelor darling Brooke Blurton has put the franchise on notice.

Speaking to 9Honey, the fan favourite criticised production’s handling of mental health in the pressure cooker environment.

"I think there's a lot more they could do on The Bachelor. I think they offer a psychologist and that's fine. But that environment is untrustworthy. It's really finding a matter of who you can trust, but then you always have that uncertainty."

Brooke also said she worries for some of the girls in Matt Agnew’s mansion, especially those who have been portrayed as ‘villains’ throughout the season.

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A social worker herself, Brooke has been open about her struggles with her mental health since first appearing on the show on the season of he-who-must-not-be-named. 

As an ambassador for R U OK? Day, the beauty strongly believes there should be more support for contestants.

"I know my anxiety was really high because every situation was a new thing, something different or exciting.

“I go inside my head quite a bit, and I think if you're not constantly pulling yourself out of that state, I think you can really struggle," Brooke says.

Brooke told 9Honey the key to surviving The Bachelor bubble is to put yourself first.

"I think you really need to be grounded, and you really need to understand yourself.

"I was very secluded. I focused on myself and why I was there and what I was there for. I'm not saying you should isolate yourself from everything but, in that moment, it helps to focus on yourself and remember what you're there for."

She’s our queen for a reason folks.

Image: Channel Ten/Bachelor in Paradise, Instagram/Brooke Blurton

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Written By Isabella Bull