Former Bachie contestant Michael Turnbull announces shock engagement

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He may have failed in his search for reality TV love (a couple times) but guess what folks? Former Bachelor in Paradise star Michael Turnbull, 37, has finally, finally found it.

After dating for a year, Michael and partner Natasha Candyce, 27, have announced their engagement.

Speaking with WHO Magazine, the pair revealed how the soccer star turned real estate agent popped the question.

“I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest – he’s always surprising me!” Natasha told the publication.

“I’ve always been traditional and Natasha’s got a lovely Italian family. I wanted to ring up and get permission from the parents first. So I rang up Natasha’s parents [Ange and Roseanne] in the morning and had a good chat with them and asked permission,” Michael added.

“They were kind enough to say yes, so then I told Natasha, just be dressed and ready to go at 5pm. I went away for a couple of hours before 5pm and then I came back and she was dressed up, looking beautiful, and we had glass of champagne. Then we had a car pick us up and drive us down to Kangaroo Point. I had a private boat waiting for us with a captain and a sea deck waitress; we had some champagne and some food, and then had a sunset cruise down the Brisbane river. It was beautiful.”

"I wanted to time it because seven is my lucky number so I asked the question exactly at 7pm – and that way we can always look back at 7 o’clock and say, ‘Oh that was the time that I proposed’ and it’s got a special meaning," Michael continued.

“He’s outdone himself, it’s amazing! He did more than well," Natasha added, speaking of the proposal and three-and-a-half carat cushion-cut stone.

“When I asked Natasha’s parents, her mum was quite emotional and her father was – as all fathers would be – quite protective. They were very respectful. I’m very close with Natasha’s parents and I’ve got a very good relationship with them. They were very, very happy for me to ask, and really respected that I asked permission," Michael added.

“We’re actually planning an engagement party in Melbourne for next year – even last night we were going through the guest list and there are so many numbers. Natasha, being from an Italian family, she blows my numbers out of the water. I’ve got like 15 people. And she’s got like 80 people that have to come because they’re family.”  

Congrats guys!

Image: Instagram / Michael Turnbull


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Written By Ally Parker