Farmer Dave from Big Brother has had a baby girl!

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Breaking the news to the world on Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning, former Big Brother contestant “Farmer Dave” has announced the birth of a beautiful baby girl.

This is a pretty special story. Remember farmer Dave from Big Brother back in 2006? You know the one - long locks, rugged, handsome, great rig? He is also gay.

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Fast forward many years later to this very morning, and Dave phoned in to Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Nova to announce the birth of a baby girl. 

So how is this all coming about?

Well, this isn’t just any old boy-meets-girl story, as you can imagine. He told them:

“It’s been a very long process.”

He explained that he met and had a connection with a beautiful woman at a party, and he simply said to her, “I want a baby with you."

“I was in an amazing relationship and she was in an amazing relationship… Four years down the track and her and her partner are proud mummies of [my] ridiculously beautiful little girl.”

So Dave and his partner, and the woman and her partner have worked together to make each other’s dreams of having a baby come true. 

Listen to the audio below to hear how Dave, his partner, the mother of their child and her partner are planning to make a very progressive and unconventional parenting situation work -

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Written By Emily Whitham