Fans Think The New Bachelor Promo Has An Eerie Resemblance To Another Series

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"Blessed be the fruit."

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?

Something dramatic, overly edited and addictive?

Yep, you’re missing reality dating shows, but don't worry, this void will soon be filled by The Bachelor. 

Based on the teasers we have received this week The Bachelor is well on its way to our screens, but fans are have noticed a weird similarity with another series. 

The promo shows this year's Bachie Matthew Agnew soaring through the sky while his contestants look up at him in awe.

Matthew is then seen walking through a street with the women silently watching him, dressed head to toe in red. 

Looks familiar right? A little too familiar. 

One Facebook user pointed out that it looks like The Handmaid’s Tale. Probably not what you want your fave dating show to be compared to; women who are enslaved to wear red and be passed between houses making babies.

The promo ends with Osher handing Matt a bunch of long stem roses, the item each woman will be proving themselves (and cat-fighting) through the series for. 

Chatting to 10 Daily Osher revealed what we can expect from Matt:

"Our Bachelor Matt is a wonderful man. He’s kind, he’s very smart, he’s very handsome, he’s got a real humility about him. He still has a little ‘can’t quite believe it’ when he says ‘will you accept this rose?’ and they say yes. He’s like ‘ooh!’, so thrilled."

Well if Osher’s excited, so are we.

Image: SBS and Channel Ten


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