Fans Slam Latest Kardashian Photoshop Fail

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Good lawdy.

The Kardashians and Photoshop are nothing short of BFFs.  

The sisters love a digital nip and tuck almost as much as the real thing, and they’ve made no secret of their love of editing. 

While we've come to expect a spot of FaceTune on their pics, we have to admit, fans have kinda gotten it right with the latest OTT edit.

Kim was the one to upload the image in question, writing:

"Our Sweet 16! Can’t believe Keeping Up With the Kardashians is premiering our 16th season tonight! Be sure to tune into E!"

The whole thing sounds peachy but followers have lashed out at the family with hitbacks like:

“Where is Khloe’s lower half of her body?” and “What’s up with Kourtney’s left foot?”.

Other added, “Kendall looks like she was just stuck onto the picture HAHAHAHA" and claims Kendall looked like she "tripped over a mannequin".

The news comes after Khloe Kardashian was outed for her own weird Photoshop efforts in which she made her head closely resemble the Big Head Mode cheat in GoldenEye.

See? Interchangeable.

Image: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Written By Ally Parker