This Fan's Reaction To Ariana Grande Touching Him Will Get You Through Your Day

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Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop sensations of our time, spitting out hits like One Last Time, Thank U, Next and Boyfriend

She's been packing out stadiums on her Sweetener tour, playing to millions of people and making all the stans’ dreams come true. 

But there is one stan in London who’s making OUR dreams come true. 

During the set, Ariana bent down to touch the anonymous fan’s hand and then continues to go on with the show, but he simply could not. 

His eyes widen, his jaw basically drops to the floor and he cannot pull his eyes away from his hand.

Utter astonishment. But can you blame him? IT’S ARIANA FREAKIN’ GRANDE.

Ariana took to Instagram to thank her fans for attending the shows at London's O2.

But we just want to thank the stan and Ariana's mum, Joan, because they are a vibe:

Thank u, next. 

Image: Instagram

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Written By Christina Cavaleri