Fans Hit Out At Risqué Bachelor Behaviour And Yeah, We Can See Why

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The Bachelor last night was a great many things.

'Awkward' being like 12 of them.

And despite Helena's non-stop flip-flopping - can she make up her mind already?! - it was Abbie who once again stole most of the attention.

Matt met up with Abbie in Brisbane for a hometown visit, and... let's just say it was a bit, 'full on'.

Catch phrases included:

"Ideally, I would just be topless right now," from Abbie and "There is a whole lot more there with Abbie, and we know that, but we haven't seen each other for a while, we're in a pool, scantily clad, we're gonna be making out," from Matt.

And WOW Twitter were not having it. 

In fact, many took to the platform to complain.


Image: Instagram

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Written By Ally Parker