Fan sparks big debate after pointing out a big 'plot hole' in Love Actually

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They have a point!

There are a LOT of great Christmas movies out there but ranking at the top of nearly every list is Love Actually.

No surprises there because let's face it, it is a goddamn masterpiece that combines love, warmth, heartwrenching moments, and Christmas all in one wholesome package. The fact we're still talking about the movie 15 years after its release speaks volumes to its magic.

But as of right now, fans are embroiled in a big debate over the film thanks to one person pointing out a supposed massive plot hole concerning the sub-plot involving Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen (Emma Thompson).

For those who need a refresher, the story revolves around Harry cheating on Karen with his colleague Mia, whom he buy a fancy necklace for. Karen discovers the necklace and believes it is her Chrissy present, only to brutally discover that it wasn't and Harry had actually gotten her a Joni Mitchell CD instead.

And this important point is where this Love Actually "plot hole" comes in.

Now this little nitpick isn't exactly a plot hole in the purest sense since it doesn't really affect the film's plot, but they do bring up a very valid point.

As it is expected of the internet, this little tweet sparked a big debate amongst Love Actually fans, some of whom agreed with the tweet, some who tried to reasonably explain why Harry gave Karen a CD, and some who argued that the CD isn't a mistake and is the whole point of the scene.


The debate is certainly very interesting to say the least but it still doesn't change our opinion that the Alan Thompson/Emma Thompson sub-plot was heartbreaking of epic proportions. We're ranking it up there alongside the real reason why Keira Knightley wore THAT hat in the film.

Still, it's quite pleasant to see that people are still nitpicking Love Actually with such detail after so many years and we're keen to see what other gems fans will dig up this year (and the years to come)!

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