Excuse Me, But Katy Perry Does Not Look Like This Anymore

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Katy Perry Instagram


Any true Katy Perry fan (and perhaps a few of you who aren't fans) will be aware that the pop star has been wearing her hair in a pixie cut for a good chunk of time now.

She first went in for the chop back in March '17 and has worn it in a relatively similar style since then. Well, until today, that is. 

The 'Bon appétit' songstress debuted a new, longer 'do on Instagram along with the caption:

"Como te llamas, baby? link in bio bb."

The comment, which translates to 'what's your name?' is assumedly a reference to her new track with Daddy Yankee, 'Con Calma'. 

Fans were quick to compliment Perry on her wavy blonde locks.

"YES YES yes yes si si si si," wrote one.

"Wow, you have such a versatile look that you can pull of anything. I love your new beach babe look! ;)," shared another.

"Best hair EVER on you," said a third. 

The snap was also shared by her hairstylist Chris Appleton, who has been applauded for giving Perry "one of her best looks"

So, what do you guys think?

Image: Instagam

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo