'Scripted produced rubbish': Ex-Married At First Sight stars shock claims they were 'exploited' by the show

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Image: Channel Nine

The 2019 season of Married At First Sight premieres this month - but the stars of last year's season have made sensational claims against the show that made them household names.

Nasser Sultan shared a screengrab with his Instagram followers on Thursday, indicating his account had been blocked by the official Married At First Sight account.

He captioned the image with claims the show had "exploited" him and prevented him from seeking further opportunities in the entertainment industry:

"The series five cast now officially blocked from the @MAFS page as they groom the new bunch. Which is funny, since we're all still locked into contracts with Nine, who are still banning us from taking on new work and making a living. Threatening legal action if we even try. 

"Last year they promised us care, assistance and help with dealing with the media. They said don't worry, trust us, we really do want to find you love. Then the second they'd exploited our storylines for all they could, turned people against us with their scripted produced rubbish and made as much money as they could off us - we were nothing."

A Nine spokesperson told Nova: 

“We have blocked participants in the past, so there is nothing unusual about it. We are focused on the upcoming new season of Married At First Sight, and the journeys of the new participants.”

Nasser's post attracted emotional comments from his MAFS co-stars, who also found themselves blocked by the official account.

Carly Bowyer said she was "honestly so offended" by the decision:

"We did everything we were asked and were exploited for their gain. And this is the level of respect that we get. Disgraceful.

"All it’s done is bring all of us together again. The amount of messages going around and support that has been shown by all S5 people today is incredible. So well done to Ch9 for bringing us closer."

Co-star Telv Williams made the sensational claim that "most" of the participants on his season were paid actors:

"I wonder how many paid actors they’ve hired this year :joy: I know most were actors in our season. I can’t believe it hasn’t come out yet."

Dean Wells made an emotional post claiming his appearance on the show means he still gets "yelled at in the streets":

"So we make a billion dollars or so for Channel Nine at the expense of our reputations and livelihoods, then make a couple of comments about the truth behind the show, and we all get blocked from their Instagram page.

'We are still under contract mind you and Channel Nine has barely even spoken to any of us since the show ended to see how it has affected our lives, (hint: it's totally disrupted it), but yeah, no worries."

Sean Thompson, Tracey Jewel and Melissa Walsh made similar comments about the show - with Jo 'Foxy Jojo' McPharlin noting she had not been blocked by the official account.

Yesterday, Nasser Sultan had a letter published in Woman's Day, warning future MAFS participants about “TV’s most dysfunctional show":

“Every secret you’ve ever had is about to be exposed… wipe your Instagram, get a new Facebook account and request every d*ck pic you’ve dared to send, to come back."

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The new season of Married At First Sight will premiere on January 28. 

Images: Channel Nine

Written By Hayley