Ex-Bachelor contestant Lana reveals her struggle after the show

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The reality TV star admits she was in a bad place post-Bachelor

Ex-Bachelor contestant (and runner-up to Snezana Markoski) Lana Jeavons-Fellows has opened up about the concerning reality of her experience of life after the reality TV show, revealing that she struggled once out in the “real world” again.

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“After the show I was going out a lot, drinking a lot with girlfriends and that can get you into a negative headspace,” Jeavons-Fellow told News.com.au.

“I wasn’t a big drinker, but on the show you drink champagnes.”

The 28-year-old shared that the loss of Bachelor Sam Wood threw her into a negative space and it took a year to get back to feeling like her old self again. 

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“It took me a while to get back to normal, It took me a good year to get back to feeling good,” she said.

However, with time and no doubt a bit of hard work, Jeavons-Fellow is back on track and living a full and happy life with boyfriend Jake Meah.

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“Life is lovely at the moment,” she said.

“This year I plan to travel, I turn 29 this year so I want to do a lot before I turn 30."

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo