Everyone’s Talking About This Cute AF Moment Between Kate Middleton And The Queen

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Cue: “Awwww”.

While Meghan Markle begins her maternity leave from being the most popular royal, Kate Middleton is stepping up to win back the spotlight and she's started off big.

Her first joint engagement outside the palace walls was with the Queen herself.

The pair visited Bush House, which previously served as the headquarters for BBC World Service but is being leased by King's College in London. 

The event was to mark the newest building as part of the university's Strand Campus. 

Crowds gathered around the campus to catch a glimpse of the Queen and Middleton, or to catch a breach of royal protocol (like everyone seems to enjoy doing with Markle).

However, Middleton has been around for a while now and she's a professional.

She waited for the Queen to leave the car before exiting herself and she continued to walk behind the monarch as they made their way into the building. 

But the greatest thing to happen on this royal encounter went down before they actually entered the building. 

The Queen and Middleton were seen sharing a blanket in the back of the car. 

Cue "Awwww":

Even though Middleton and the Queen have carried out public visits with other members of the Royal Family, this marks the first time just the pair have been together in public. 

Back in 2012 they visited Leicester as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour, but were joined by the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Markle has not even been in the royal family for a year, yet and has already had a one-on-one engagement with the Queen. 

Rumours of Markle and Middleton rifts have been swirling for months. The latest reports suggest neither Prince Harry or Markle made an appearance at Kate’s birthday lunch last week. 

Despite all of Middleton’s closest family and friends being invited to her B’day bash, Meghan was allegedly kept off the list. 

Image: Getty Images / Joe Maher / Stringer, Neil Mockford / Contributor, Samir Hussein / Contributor 

Written By Christina Cavaleri