Everyone is talking about Jennifer Lopez’s diva bathroom antics

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J Lo

Apparently old mate J Lo needs to boot everyone out of a communal bathroom to do her business

Rewind to the Met Gala - a bathroom packed with dolled up celebs peeing, powdering their nose, swapping stories, laughing, carrying on etc.

Enter Jennifer Lopez’s FOUR security guards, giving everyone else the boot so that the star can enter.

A witness told the New York Post -

“Four security guards shut down the ladies’ room for her at the Javits Center. A huge line of ladies — including [society grande dame] Deeda Blair — were waiting for her to come out so they could go in.”


You're never fully dressed without a smile... #metball2017

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The line for the bathroom grew.

“People were thinking Hillary [Clinton] or another politician must be in there, but Alex Rodriguez, standing off to the side on his phone, waiting, gave it away. Then J. Lo strode out with the guards in tow and the regular people were let in. It was insane!”


So does that have to happen every time J Lo needs to pee in public?

Seems like a high tech operation.

Written By Emily Whitham