Elora left distraught after cruel prank on Bachelor in Paradise

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"That's messed up and so mean"

Just when you thought Luke cheating on Lisa pretty much the minute they left paradise wasn't bad enough, ya boi Eden has come along to top it.

Cheers mate.

Monday night's episode dramatically saw Eden give Elora a fake love letter pretending to be American Jared.

Elora soon found out the letter had been written by an asshole and was understandably upset.

"People try to mess with my journey in Paradise. That's messed up," she said.

"Oh, it's so mean. It's so mean. I don't know why everybody's trying to make a fool of me."

Seeing her upset, Eden tried to backpeddle furiously, claiming it was a joke before Elora (rightly) stormed off.

"I feel like a piece of s**t," Eden told her. 

"I really am sorry. And it didn't come from, like, a place of jealousy or...or any malice towards you."

For those who need a translation into non-douchebag English, Eden is just "sorry" his 'joke' didn't pan out the way he planned.

"You deserve a lot more than that," he added.

Which... DUH.

And then Elora proved herself to be the bigger (biggest, even) person.

Despite everyone thinking he would be booted for his behaviour, Elora shocked everyone by giving Eden a rose...

... but only after she missed out on giving a rose to Apollo. 

She had to chose who to save from either Eden, or newcomer Thomas. 

"I got fooled, humiliated... And now I have to choose between two men who I don't want to pursue any romantic connection with," Elora said. 

"I'm very hurt by what you have done. But in no way will I let anybody change who I am. And, Eden, I do want you to find love. So I choose you."

Which, again, if you want a translation means: 'I'm better than you and I don't like you but this new guy is no bueno."

Image: Bachelor in Paradise / Channel 10


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Written By Ally Parker