Elizabeth Is The Avenging Angel We Never Saw Coming (But Deserved)

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Sometimes in life, you can engage with televised content and not immediately feel the burning need to check out the (crude, but deeply appreciated) jokes on Twitter.

Believe it or not, last night’s drahhhmatic MAFS finale was one of those moments.

And it was all because of Elizabeth, baby. She’s copped her fair share of flak (her bold makeup) and quiet respect (her purse Tim Tams and pizza hacks) but it was last night’s finale where she really shone.

‘Cause reality TV is where toxic masculinity goes to fester like some kind of bacteria-rich swamp and someone’s gotten take a mop to that mess.

Watching the full gamut of Sam's one-liners last night was nothing short of a painful study in toxic behaviour.

"I've never dated a girl as big as Elizabeth,” Sam can be heard saying in flashbacks.

"Maybe I could get her running in the morning."

"The more time we're spending together, the worse it's getting."

Top it all off with slut-shaming Elizabeth to a group of blokes/national audience?

As Elizabeth said, “What the hell is that?!”

It was Elizabeth’s rousing speech – again, uninterrupted for the longest period of time this show has ever seen – that has earned her the title of Deadset Legend.

“You just met me, on the wedding, right? Okay.

“You judge me by my appearance; that I'm a larger girl. I’m a heavy girl.

“[Sam is] setting the tone for all the women out there. You're not worthy enough if you're not a size six or below. You're not worthy enough. You don't deserve the time of day. You don’t deserve any of that.

“I am just appalled that he is so free to comment on a woman's weight. That to me is absolutely despicable and disgusting. Disgusting, okay? Women have a hard enough time in this life... we get so much thrown at us.”

**Pictures a flag flying in the background for the grand finale.**

“We're expected to look a certain way because of men like that [Sam]. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. And then saying I was force feeding him... that I'm jumping on him in bed. Are you out of your mind?!”

And that’s not even all.

While Mel Schilling (aka one of the experts) and the women of the series were discussing the relationships between “the sisterhood”, Mike felt it was a GREAT time - a perfect, peachy, destiny-laden time - to give us his two cents.

He was ready to speak the truth from the School of Life.

And he came out with this clanger: "I think groups of women under pressure don't do as well as groups of men under pressure."

Oh, Mike.

"A matriarchy and a patriarchy are two totally different things,” he continued.

"There are different dynamics at play. We've seen this group of girls fall apart and the men haven't,” Mike, an electrician, told a panel of three psychologists like it was brand new information.

And he capped it all off with: "Maybe this just doesn't speak to their, you know, biology." *

And Elizabeth replied with, "Okay. Alright. Cool." Which is the gaslighting touche we didn't know we needed.

Look, it’s pretty safe to say the ire of every woman – globally, damnit – was provoked by these reductionist (and PS scientifically false) statements.

‘Cause when televised to a national audience, this kind of vitriol does far more damage than simply spitting into the wind.

In fact, the presentation of men such as this on primetime TV normalises the behaviour. It says, ‘See this mere tomfoolery? Totes fine mate’.

But Elizabeth?

She’s not standing for it.

She got a good few minutes of largely uninterrupted airtime and she didn’t hold back.

And for that, we’ve mocked up the below in gratitude: 

Yeah, alright. We're not great at Photoshoppin' but you get the gist.

*The 'school of life' has done you dirty Gunner, ‘cause we've done a quick search and found several peer reviewed studies that prove the exact opposite. Here's one to read Mike, from Harvard Business Review. Enjoy.

Written By Ally Parker