Elise Stacy hits back at the myriad of tabloids circulating about her

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Finals week of the Bachelor - the pressure is on - here’s how top 3 contender Elise Stacy is coping.

Finals week of the Bachelor.

Top three.

It would be bloody tough, right?

Making it that much harder - Tabloids.

There’s plenty of vicious rumours flying around about who wins, about the different dynamics between the girls - hot waiters, etc etc.

At the centre of it all is one of the top three contenders - Elise Stacy.

Chatting exclusively with Nova, Elise responded she was “disappointed” with the “irresponsible” headlines circulating.

Here’s what she had to say about the current headlines:

1. Elise and Tara are fuming after a source reveals Matty J and Laura made a secret pact she’d go through to the final.

Stacy said she was disappointed with this headline.

“When you read about things you’re feeling and saying that are completely untrue.

“I hadn’t heard about that at all until someone sent it to me…

Stacy revealed her faith in the process, explaining she “hoped” the rumours about Matty and Laura making a pact before the show wasn’t true. 

“You just have to hold onto the fact that it’s a genuine process.”

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2. Elise looked “downcast” at Bondi beach on Monday.

“I don’t think I look downcast!?

“It was Monday! If the whole of Australia didn’t look like this on a Monday morning, I’d be surprised.”

Let’s talk more about where we can get her outfit from. Blue velvet Zara boots on point, E Stace.

She explained further about the impact these rumours have on her.

“It’s really disappointing - there’s been so much media speculation and so many tabloids going around about how ‘Laura’s won’… But you lose the narrative of the story.

“It also sucks for the viewers - it ruins it.

“I also feel like I’ve lost the opportunity to tell MY story with Matty.”

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The former Hockeyroo, current marketing guru and just all round top notch human being, has taken a leaf out of her athlete’s mentality when it comes to the competition, because let’s face it - it would be bloody tough to watch two other girls vying for Bachelor Matty J’s affections.

“It’s definitely really hard, and I haven’t liked it at all.

“I guess you’d like to think you’re special and you have to pretend that those other people don’t exist…

“But yeah it’s been hard watching them and it makes you question - how can he have the same connection with everyone?”

Stacy said she’s blocked those other connections out -

“Otherwise you go cray.”

Written By Emily Whitham
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