Dean makes EXPLOSIVE claims about MAFS in a now-deleted Instagram

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Married At First Sight

Could this be true...?

After last night’s wife-swapping talk at the Married At First Sight boys’ night, it appears Dean had some controversial thoughts on the episode.

Thoughts he shared on Instagram – and then promptly deleted.

But it’s 2018, so obviously we gots da screenshots.

During the rowdy night, Dean and Justin shared their thoughts on whose wives they would have preferred to be partnered with.

While Dean felt a “vibe” from Carly, Justin thought he’d be better matched with Troy’s wife Ashley. 

It seemed like John and Patrick were the good guys of the night, clearly disgusted by the convo.

But, according to Dean’s now-deleted Instagram, Patty ALSO made a pick, saying he’d have gone with Davina.

Which… we are calling BS. Perhaps why he deleted the post?

Dean went on to allege the producers made him ask if any of the wives’ mums were hot, which resulted in awkward comments from Troy about Ashley’s mum.

This isn’t the first time Dean has called one of the other boys a liar. He previously accused Ryan of saying it was okay for him to pursue Davina.

Soooo at this point we don’t know WHAT to think?!


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Written By Cassie Crofts
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