Davina Rankin joins ranks of celebs calling out MAFS for being 'BS'

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"It's not this pretty little fairy tale that the public thinks it is."

Davina Rankin made some ripples a few weeks ago when she slammed Married At First Sight as "the worst."

Well those ripples have now become tidal waves thanks to a new and revealing tell-all interview.

Strap in and get some snacks because you'll need something to soak up all this tasty tea.

Chatting to Daily Mail Australia, Davina labelled MAFS as a "load of b*******before saying that the final product isn't the "fair tale" some think it is.

"To be honest, MAFS is just a load of bullshit, it's not this pretty little fairy tale that the public thinks it is."

Davina then claimed that the cast are at the whims of whatever the producers say and filming MAFS was just "work".

"It's literally just like going to work every day. You wake up, you film, you pretend to like the person you're with, you do what the producers say and then it finishes and everyone has a mental breakdown.

"No one actually liked who they were paired with, I was just the only one to openly say it! Meanwhile, everyone else was saying it behind closed doors!"

Yikes, we expected tea but we didn't expect a swimming pool of it.

Davina's comments come after fellow MAFS cast member Nasser Sultan penned a terse and blunt letter about the series, deeming it as "TV's most dysfunctional show."

Ooof, it feels like this is becoming a lot bigger than we expected.

Stay tuned, folks, because we have a feeling more tea is about to be spilled.

Image Credit: Davina Rankin/Instagram


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Written By Alexander Pan