Dark 'Friends' Fan Theory Dividing The Internet

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Ross Friends evil

Who really is Ross?

Twitter users man…. They’re opinionated, sharp as tacks and more often than not, pick up on things a lot of us miss.

Such is the case with Claire Willet. A writer, feminist and self-confessed Ravenclaw, Claire has gone ham on Friends, particularly Ross, Rachel and Joey.

Her argument, released across 100 or so Tweets, asserts that Rachel should have stayed with Joey despite a ten-season drag towards a proper relo with ‘her lobster’ Ross.

In case you don’t remember. The series hooked Joey and Rachel together at the end of season eight/beginning of season nine. It was a pairing that divided fans due to an absolute lack of chemistry and the fact that it came out of bloody nowhere.


Claire claims that because Rachel was the only girl Ross ever liked in school, the relo would always be toxic and that Joey is the one who has always been there for her. This latter pairing wasn’t jumping the shark, she claims, it wasn’t a misstep. It was meant to be.

Here are some of the most ‘Yes! Yes! A million times yes!!’ Tweets from the thread:

And the most compelling argument of all?

If only Jen and Matt had on-screen chem.

Image: Friends / NBC

Written By Ally Parker