5 things you need to throw away now

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Messy Room

Decluttering your surroundings can change your life. 

Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo claims that tidying up can be life changing. 

In her bestselling book, Kondo gives countless examples of how clearing your home can clear your mind. Some of her clients have lost weight, discovered new passions and found love after using her tips. 

You might feel that a massive spring clean needs a huge amount of time, but starting with a few small things will get the ball rolling. 

Here are a few things you have that can be ditched immediately.

Old Magazines:


If you’ve got old magazines lying around, chances are you are never going to read them again. Maybe, someday, one day you’ll want an article or a recipe out of it? There is this magic thing called Google. 

Cosmetics/Skincare products:

Go through your beauty cabinet and get rid of anything that is too old or you don’t use. This goes for any sample-size products. You might think they are perfect for travel, but samples are designed to expire much quicker than regular size products. 


You can use the two-year rule. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in two years. Why leave them sitting around when you could donate them and feel really good. 

Paper and documents:

Kondo is pretty harsh when it comes to paperer rule: throw it all away. There are only a handful of documents that you need to keep forever. You can keep stuff for tax time temporarily.  

Old electronics and cables:

Do you have broken appliances still lying around? What about that drawer of unidentifiable cords? You’d be surprised what we chose to keep long after it serves no use. This extends to any electronic boxes you’re keeping just in case you want to sell the item. One day, usually means never, so clear it out and enjoy the positive energy. 

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Written By Huna A