Celebs Predict How They Think Game Of Thrones Will End And They’re Pretty Good TBH

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Game of Thrones, ‘Beyond The Wall’ HBO

Do you think any are right?

With only two episodes of Game of Thrones left...

The internet is supplying some great/terrifying/weird finale ending predictions. 

The ‘net is a minefield people. just read this story, check the likes on your latest 'gram and GTFO!

But celebs keep reeling us back in with their GoT finale predictions because, TBH, they’re not half bad. 

In an adorable and rare video of Mila Kunis posted by hot AF hubby Ashton Kutcher, she weighed in with her two cents:

"Well, I think Khaleesi and Jon Snow are going to have to put their differences aside and get themselves some Cersei ass," Mila explains in the video. "That's what I think's gonna happen. 

And then, when Ashton asks her what she thinks will happen with Samwell, she says she thinks he'll be fine, but she "doesn't f**king get Bran.

"Is he the ice king that everybody predicted him to be? No."

Fans seemed more concerned with why TF Mila doesn’t have her own Instagram, rather than her prediction.

She’s not the only celeb weighing in on the greatest show of all time’s end. 

Prolific writer, Stephen King added his ideas. And if we're going to listen to any of the predictions floating around the web, a man who's written around 60 novels and is pals with George RR Martin is a good place to start.

Thoughts? Not sure about Tyrion ending up on the Iron Throne but you know, we'll consider it. 


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Written By Christina Cavaleri