A bunch of top celebs are reportedly not too happy with Meghan Markle

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Meghan Markle made headlines the other day when she made a solo public appearance at the British Fashion Awards, where people remarked on everything from her baby bump to her breaking royal beauty protocol by rocking some black fingernail polish.

But making headlines wasn't the only thing Meghan did that night.

She also happened to draw the ire of a bunch of high-profile celebs - like Kendall Jenner, Rita Ora, and Victoria and David Beckham - due to a very odd reason.

Cue the drama (gif)!

According to TMZ, all those aforementioned celebs weren't too happy that night because of Meghan's intense security, who were all denied an audience with her.

Like, can you imagine being someone as big as Kendall, Rita, and the Beckhams, and being told "nah, you can't see the duchess coz you ain't important enough".


In Meghan's defense, she's a freaking Duchess now and having heavy security with her everywhere she goes is the norm.

Just to rub salt in the ego's of all those celebs, TMZ also reports that Meghan's security pulled out a trick called the "Royal Movement Tactic," which is where "all hallways and stairs have to be kept clear" when ever the Duchess is on the go.

So not only did Kendall, Rita, and the Beckhams denied a meeting with Meghan, they also had to get out of the way whenever she was in the same room.

As a final cherry on top, Meghan ultimate did hang out with a few celebs. They just happened to not be Kendall, Rita, and the Beckhams.

We have just one reaction to all this: Ooooft.

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