Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Season 7 Premiere Date Announced And It's Super Close

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show we very nearly lost (bless you NBC), if officially coming back on February 6 with a hour-long special ep.

Stephanie Beatriz who plays Rosa Diaz on the show revealed the news on Instagram, sharing a Die Hard-themed poster and the caption, “coolcoolcoolcoolcool”.

The seventh season will see the return of all major cast members sans Chelsea Peretti aka Gina, who announced she would no longer be a regular cast member but might drop in from time to time.

Catch up on the latest Fitzy & Wippa podcast (post continues):

Despite Chelsea's departure, the seventh season still promises to have plenty of pizzazz.

Joining an already stacked list of guest stars (aya Rudolph, Fred Arminsen, Jenny Slate, Nicole Buyer), is former SNL legend Vanessa Bayer.

A rep for NBC said Vanessa - who was on SNL for seven years, dayum - will guest star in the upcoming season, ostensibly as a cop.

Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine / NBC

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