Bronson From MAFS Posted A Bizarre Pic On Insta And We Have Questions

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Odd flex. 

The Instagram feed of former reality TV contestants is always a bit of a hit or miss. 

Sometimes their feeds are #lifegoals, sometimes we’re served with obvious #ads and sometimes, there’s a well-meaning, but undeniably strange promotion of dog sterilisation.

Hi, welcome to Insta 2K19 where former MAFS star Bronson Norrish has done exactly that.

The reality TV groom uploaded the bizarre image - again, good cause, off-key delivery - the Instagram with the caption:

“Today was a great day performing sterilisation surgery on puppies in the garden…" which accurately describes the literal backyard surgery going on behind him.

Bronson tagged what is believed to be the group performing the sterilisations, Act4BaliDogs. Their Patreon page describes them as, "2 girls in Bali with a house full of dogs."

"Our focus is on rescue, rehab, and rehoming dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected on the streets. We believe in changing the lives of animals here every day, in anyway we can. 

Follow our journey as we care for up to 100 dogs on average every month. Join us as we vaccinate, sterilize, and educate the local community."

Aside from praise for the spirit of the thing, followers have commented about the sterilitiy of the endeavour and questioned his choice to take a 'selfie'.

"And you strike a pose??" one person wrote.

"Weird place for a selfie. Cringe," added another.

So again, great cause, iffy delivery. 

Image: Instagram / Bronson Norrish


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