BREAKING PROTOCOL: Harry and Meghan’s kiss will break tradition

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Here's what we know about the kiss.

With the Royal Wedding upon us, we're getting more and more deets of how the day will unfold.

Now we have the latest on a key part of the ceremony...

That magic Disney moment. THE KISS.

You know, that part where they stand there and lock lips in front of millions of people?

It is a pretty huge deal for Royal Weddings, which have had long-upheld traditions of how it happens.

William and Kate shared their ceremonial kiss on the Palace balcony above the crowd.

Harry and Meghan are reportedly set to change things up by staging their kiss outside moments after the getting married part, on the West Steps of the Chapel.

While there hasn't been kiss-confirmation from Kensington Palace, according to The Sun, TV producers are said to have scheduled "The Kiss" for around 1:02pm.

A senior figure from NBC has said:

“All the broadcast teams have been working with the organisers about the minute by minute breakdown of the day, so our team has been all over this.

We expect the couple to kiss when they come out to greet the crowds gathered outside."

Now that we've got that settled, we'll be here emotionally preparing for the big day.

P.S. are you keen to watch it? Here's where and when you can watch the wedding in Australia.

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Written By Liz Elias