Blake Lively is being mocked for her latest fashion choice and can everyone calm down

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Blake Lively

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Actress, wife, mother and a-grade Instagrammer Blake Lively has made headlines today because of a less-than-popular fashion move this week. 

As Page Six reports, the star of A Simple Favour was spotted at a screening of Mary Poppins Returns wearing a "deconstructed blazer dress" by fashion label Monsoe and well, not everyone was a fan. 

When Lively shared a snap of the quirky get-up to social media, fans were quick to poke fun:

"I love the dress, confused about the part sticking out at the bottom," one fan wrote.

"Thought you inadvertently left the napkin on your lap," said another.

"Almost the toilet paper hang out the back look ...but you even make that work lol," shared a third.

Anticipating the attention the unusual look would get, however, Lively made sure to roast her own style choice in the caption of her Insta post:

"Going for: 'Cinderella post stepsisters tearing up her gown because they hate her' chic...," she wrote.

According to reports, the outfit is worth a whopping USD 2,490 which, when you think about it, is kinda warranted when you consider how much press the piece is getting the actress.

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Image: pascal_le_segretain_getty_images, NBC

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo