BIP's Shock Bombshell About Richie Strahan That Blindsided Alex Nation

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What does this mean?

With Married At First Sight finishing up all the cab sav, it's time to have a piña colada in Fiji with the love birds of Bachelor In Paradise. 

Except we won't actually be in Fiji enjoying the sun setting over the beach and the hot weather and the cute people and the water, THAT'S FINE WE DON'T CARE!

The cast is on point. But TBH most excited to see Alex Nation and ex-Bachie Richie Strahan go head to head in the heated argument which Channel 10 has been teasing. 

Nation has to be one of the most famous Bachelor contestants. She won Richie's heart back in 2016, however the relationship ended with a highly publicised split in 2017 due to long distance. Nation then moved on with her AFL teammate, Maegan.

At this point, there’s only one thing we want to know: was Nation forewarned that Strahan would be in Paradise?

In an interview with Chrissie, Sam & Browny, Nation revealed she had no idea:

"When they buzzed me and said 'Would you be interested in coming in?' I asked 'Have you asked Richie and what has he said?' 

"He actually declined every single time and they got him in 48 hours prior, so they secured me, they had me locked in ready to go and then Richie was kind of the last person accepted into Paradise.”

Chrissie wanted to know whether Richie knew Alex was going to be there? 

"He was 95% sure I was going to be there, whereas I was 95% sure he wouldn't. I felt like he was the Bachelor, would he do Paradise?'

"Because he had kinda done everything to shy away from the Bachelor for the longest time, so I kind of thought it wouldn't be his jam so when I was notified that he would one there the day I walked in I was like 'Oh lord!'"

Her reaction is a sliiiiight understatement - the promos show the two exes locked in an epic battle.

It begs the question of whether Richie went on the show because he wanted to see Alex again/Are there still feelings?

Well, tonight's the night. Move over Martha and Jess, your 15 minutes are up. 

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Written By Christina Cavaleri