Billie Eilish ‘Loves The Taste Of Blood’, But There’s A Totes Normal Reason For It

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Pop star. Trend setter. Badarse. Unapologetic. These are just some of the many things Billie Eilish has been described as.

Well it’s time to add a new one to the list and it’s something that might raise a few eyebrows: blood and coin taster.

Now before we all get all judgmental, there’s a actually a very good reason why Billie loves the taste of blood and coins. Sadly, it’s got nothing to do with her being a vampire or anything, which would be awesome.

During an episode of Pitchfork‘s “Over/Under“, the singer revealed that she suffers from an “iron deficiency” and so stuff like the metal bracelets she wears and blood tastes like heaven to her.

It’s not just limited to blood or the rings on her fingers as Billie says that her “dumbarse” likes the taste of basically anything metallic, especially “dirty jewellery”.

“I like the taste of pennies, metal, poles and jewellery. Dirty jewellery tastes so good.

“I used to literally suck on dirty pennies and s*t and I would lick poles.”

This may all sound ridiculously gross but cravings for blood and dirty jewellery is a legit thing for those with an iron deficiency. The body needs enough iron to function properly and when you’re not getting enough from your diet, your body will start craving it, hence why random iron-rich things like coins and blood will suddenly taste like nectar from the gods.

We should probably point out that Billie’s iron intake doesn’t consist entirely of blood and licking metal poles as she does take iron supplements, so no need to worry about seeing her licking spare change.

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