Billie Eilish Doesn't Know Who Hilary Duff Is And The Internet Is Furious

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Are we officially old?

We love Billie Eilish.

But now we want to SHAKE Billie Eilish.

‘Cause during an interview with YouTuber Nardwuar, Billie was gifted a Lizzie McGuire sleeping bag to which she responded:

"So who is Hilary Duff? This the real question... "

She. Doesn't. Know. Who. HILARY DUFF IS!

Okay so we're probably overreacting and just need to accept the fact that we are old AF and Billie is young. Like really young, she was born in the 2000s.

But the internet isn't allowing that as an excuse:

Billie Eilish is a cultural icon. But so was Hilary Duff in her prime. Some would say an an icon; a monumental figure of the ‘90s (and they’d be right btw).

Without Hilary Duff we would not have Come Clean to sing when the rain pours.  

So Billie we love you, but please purchase Metamorphosis.

These Gen Zers.


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Written By Christina Cavaleri