POLL: What was the best TV show in 2015?

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2015 was another killer year for Television, and in the USA the case for getting rid of your cable subscription was brought into greater effect with networks and streaming services giving us some of the best TV we've had in years...

But what was the best show of 2015? We've got the shortlist - have your say below!

This list is obviously pretty subjective, but it's the shows that frequently topped the lists in entertainment blogs, magazines and social media for the best shows of the year. Make sure you weigh in at the bottom of the page!

(WARNING: Some of these trailers have bad language!)

Better Call Saul

Well, it's always hard to get a spinoff going, let alone to have it do as well as this one did! Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman finds himself the unlikely hero of this new series, traveling back in time to discover the heartbreaking and completely compelling story of a man who is doing whatever he can to outrun fate and have a better life.



Taking the dirty, gritty, grim and gritty (again) Marvel Superhero to a TV series was a big move for Netflix, but it gave them license to be as violent and intense as they want without needing to worry about censors (too much) and proved to be a big hit for the content making streaming service. Binge away!



The first series quickly made all the Coen Brothers naysayers sit back, shut up and watch and the second series twisted and turned into an even darker, funnier, more brilliant piece of drama, somehow managing to follow on AND standalone. Perfect.


Jessica Jones

Following on from the success of Daredevil, it made sense to explore even more dark recesses of the MCU and Jessica Jones was the place to do it. Violent, sex-fuelled and, even better, complex and to the point, Jessica vs. Killgrave is a must-watch.


Master of None

We all love Aziz Ansari from Parks and Recreation, and he's one of the biggest stand up comedy stars in the world, so it was awesome when his highly anticipated series hit Netflix late last year. Funny, smart and important. Not a binger, though, but still amazing.


Mr. Robot

Stunning, stylish and gripping, Mr. Robot came out of nowhere, taking this year’s summer TV season by storm as a series that was parts Dexter, Fight Club, Hackers, and - well - you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. 


Parks and Recreation

Season 7 closed out this brilliant, optimistic and funny show with a near-perfect ending to satisfy die hard fans and please even the newest viewers. Is this the greatest comedy of all time? Yes. But is it? You decide. 


Game of Thrones

Officially tying the show to the books, GoT was massive this season, and we're still buzzing about what the hell happened in the finale all these months later...

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Written By Andy Zito
Andy Zito