Bachie's Kristen Reveals Why Matt Is Keeping Abbie In The Mansion

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"Who are we to judge..."

We go through this every season. 

There's the innocent girl, the funny girl, and the one that starts the drama. 

In Matt Agnew's season, Abbie Chatfield is the one making headlines because of her clashes on screen. 

This week she took on Elly Miles, one of the favourites to win Matt's heart. 

So, why is Matt keeping her in the house (besides the obvious reason because the editors want him to).

Speaking to Yahoo, Kristen Czyszek reveals why she thinks Abbie is still in the mansion. She says Matt has had "wonderful moments" with Abbie and is "pursuing what he wants."

"I think it's really hard to understand people's comments when he (Matt) hasn't seen that side and only experienced wonderful moments with her (Abbie)," Kristen said. 

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"Matt knows what he wants and so he's just pursuing what he wants, that's why she's still there.

"Who are we to judge about whether he's making the wrong decision?" 

Kristen was not given a rose by Matt on Thursday which came after she acted as the mediator for the argument between Abbie and Elly. 

Keeping up?

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Written By Christina Cavaleri