Bachie Insiders Reveal The Truth Behind Abbie And Monique's Feud

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This changes everything.

So, Bachie went OFF last night.

There was foot juice, some questionable things done to oysters and more importantly, profanity.

Specifically, Abbie told Matt that Monique called him a "dog c**t" - try reading that without think about high school, we dare you.

The whole episode chronicled Matt's "tremendous waste of time" and showed just about every contestant giving their two cents on the matter.

Only, it appear the whole thing isn't as black and white as we thought.

Contestant Cassandra Mamone told NW that Mon is actually a bit misunderstood.

Yes, this Mon ^^^

Cass told NW about how she "got to know" Mon in the Bachie mansion, explaining that she felt the contestant was a "very giving person":

"Monique actually did Abbie's hair the night before this whole thing happened. She did everyone's hair with her beautiful Dyson hairdryer," she explained.

"We were all watching TV and she had all the girls sitting in front of her one by one. She was just so giving to spend that time doing everyone's hair and then the next day Abbie's gone and done that.

"To be honest I just see people for what they are and Abbie has certainly done stuff for air time."

And that's not all. Fellow contestant Mary told OK! Mag that the house is "divided" with many of the girls siding with Abbie and a whole other side throwing their ring in with Monique.

"I think she's very young, but she's being strategic," Mary said about Abbie.

"I'm pretty confident she did tell Matt [what Monique said], so he would look at Monique in a different light.

"I think it's come out of jealousy. Monique seemed like a frontrunner, so Abbie did what she did."

Honestly, we can't keep up.

What's the bloody truth?

Image: Channel Ten / The Bachelor

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Written By Ally Parker