The Bachelorette's Charlie SLAMMED by fellow contestant

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Image: Channel Ten

Oh dear.

Now recently-eliminated contestant Cheyne (the one in the kilt) has revealed Charlie’s zero-to-Jarrod tendencies aren’t just for show.

Cheyne told Pedestrian that Charlie was so obsessed with Ali, he was the one contestant on the show he didn’t get to know:

“Pretty much Charlie was the only person I didn’t get to talk to a lot, because he was so invested in Ali that he kept his distance a bit from the guys. 

“He got involved. On camera is exactly how he is off camera, he talks about her. After that first date he was hooked.”

Charlie scored the first single date of the season last week, and (like Jarrod) comforted Ali during an inexplicably terrifying high-rise date, then (like Jarrod) returned spouting defensive declarations of love for her.

Australia, who were charmed by his 'Mr. Perfect’ edit in the show’s promos, was disappointed, to say the least:

As for Cheyne, well - turns out he and Ali just aren't a good match:

"I just kinda assessed that she was the ‘white picket fence’ kinda girl, and I just didn’t like that kinda lifestyle. I’m more a travel bug with my partner, [I wanna] see the world and live in different countries."

Images: Channel Ten

Written By Hayley