The Bachelorette's Carlin Has Secret Exposed During Home Visit Episode

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Oh snap...

It's looking more and more like (former) stage five clinger Jamie Doran was right folks.

While Sportsbet is still strongly backing Carlin Sterritt as the winner of Angie Kent’s heart, promos for tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette has us filled with doubts.

A new teaser clip shows a hometown visit of the disastrous kind with Angie heading to New South Wales to meet Carlin’s family and friends.

Which sounds great, but Carlin's parents awkwardly let slip that prior to signing up for the Bachelorette, Carlin was only focused on one thing… his acting career.

Which is weird, because we’re sure he said that wasn’t the case when Jamie ratted him out a few weeks ago...

Catch up on the latest Smallzy’s Surgery podcast (post continues):

Angie and Carlin are said to have an emotional confrontation after she finds out the extent of his acting career, and starts questioning his motivations.

The preview shows Angie tearing up, saying “I don’t want to be used,” before Carlin gives her an ultimatum.

“If you can't see me, who I am, and what we've built. Then that's it.”

This confrontation comes after Carlin was outed by Jamie as having ‘ingenuine’ (again, not a word) motivations to become the 2020 Bachelor.

Carlin’s acting chops have been a serious source of controversy in the mansion, but with Ryan also being outed as a man of mystery for applying to be Ali Oetjen’s man, this could really go either way.

Ah, we miss Ciarran.

Image: Instagram / Carlin Sterritt

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Written By Isabella Bull

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