The Bachelorette shows first ever brawl in new trailer

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Image: Channel Ten


A new, extended trailer for the forthcoming Bachelorette series shows two separate incidents where men get physical over their rivalry for Ali Oetjen’s affections.

In the trailer, a group of men get rowdy during what appears to be a group challenge - forcing host Osher Gunsberg to try to diffuse their testosterone-fuelled rumble.

In another exchange, during one of the show’s infamous cocktail parties, one contestant is seen pushing another during a heated argument.

In a passionate outburst, one man slams one of his rivals, accusing him of lying to Ali.

“This is a girl who has been absolutely destroyed by men in the past, taking advantage of her, and you’re taking advantage by lying to her face.

“I really feel sorry for Ali if she ever, ever ends up with you.”

Despite the drama, the trailer makes a point of saying this series WILL end up with a winner, answering a clip of Ali pining for her future husband with:

“Well Ali, your dream is about to come true… One of these guys will be your Mr. Right.”


Images: Network Ten 

Written By Hayley