The Awkward AF Banter From The Today Hosts That Has Everyone Talking

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"OK, well sorry for asking."

Today had a new guest on today, the awkward turtle.

During a bit of banter between co-hosts Georgie Gardner, Deborah Knight, news reader Tom Steinfort and sports presenter Tony Jones in the field, there was a bit of a cringe moment from audiences around the country. 

Tony asked what kind of Australian food might be included on a menu for French visitors while he was reporting live from the Sandown Racetrack.

He didn't exactly like the responses from his fellow co-hosts. Tom suggested a classic Four’N Twenty meat pie to which Tony responded with "So Tom Steinfort-like."

Georgie then suggested "a kangaroo burger," which prompted a rather grumpy reply from Tony who doesn't seem to like the idea of a kangaroo burger.

"Oh, you’d just go and slaughter a kangaroo, would you, Georgie?"

"Kangaroo meat is readily available across Australia. That’s not uncommon," Georgie responded. 

Sensing the awkwardness, Deb tried to lighten the mood by bringing up puppies - fair move. She asked whether Tony had brought his caboodle Archie with him.

"Deb, we’re at a racetrack,” Jones spat. “Probably not a great idea to bring the dog, I wouldn’t have thought."

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Okay, clearly the morning hours are getting to some people and we need to just get to the weekend for a sleep in. 

Deb wrapped up the chat saying:

"OK, well sorry for asking. Never mind. Good on you, TJ."

The awkward chat comes after rumours made headlines that Karl Stefanovic was getting ready to come back to Today alongside Allison Langdon.

Channel Nine is yet to comment on the rumours.

Image: Channel Nine

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