The Avengers Attempted An Endgame-Themed Escape Room And You’ve Got To Watch It

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“Odds are they don't get out in time."

Some of your favourite Avengers assembled to attempt an Endgame-themed escape room. 

And by that we mean they were shoved into a locked room with a bunch of Avengers memorabilia and had to solve clues in order to ‘defeat Thanos’ and get out in under 45 minutes. 

In the room were Anthony Mackie ‘Falcon’, Benedict Cumberbatch ‘Doctor Strange’, Letitia Wright ‘Shuri’ and Sebastian Stan ‘Winter Soldier’. 

Basically, some of the most bad ass of The Avengers. 

Despite our full faith in them, however, director Joe Russo wasn’t so convinced. He’s the ‘Gamemaster’ in the video and tells the camera “odds are they don’t get out in time" which is... comforting. 

Throughout the escape room, Joe gives The Avengers a series of clues when they need it. And we’re sorry to say, they need it quite a bit. 

Where Tony Stark at? 


iron man GIF

The video is four minutes of chaos and hilariousness and honestly, just the best. 

Wanna find out if the Avengers escape or totally drop the ball? Have a watch below. 

Images: Marvel, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi