Ariana Grande Wears Socks 'N Crocs To Ensure No One Will Ever Steal Her Style Again

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"I seen."


Ariana Grande is well-known for her distinctive style: sky high boots, gravity-defying ponytail, oversized sweater or dress and signature eyeliner flick. But with so many people recently coming for her look, Ari has taken matters into her own hands by incorporating a new statement into her wardrobe.


We’re talkin’ socks and Crocs. 

Yes, that’s right. Grande took to Instagram late last night to debut the meme-worthy combination paired with an oversized sweater and crossbody handbag. The singer reiterated her love of the look in BFF Courtney Chipolone’s Instagram story featuring the divisive shoes, captioned “never been more sure about a purchase.”

“I feel…so whole…so seen,” she added.

Last week, Ari made headlines when her team sued fashion label Forever 21 for ripping off her style with a “lookalike model.” There’s no doubt that Forever 21 took heavy inspiration from Grande and her music video for ‘5 Rings,’ but lawyers claimed the brand “could argue that they were simply mimicking a popular fashion trend and were protected by First Amendment rights.”

Let’s not forget about the hundreds and thousands of Ariana Grande fans who are replicating her style on a daily basis.

By stepping out in socks and Crocs, is Grande ensuring no one ever ‘steal her style’ ever again? Or are comfortable rubber shoes really squeaking their way into the mainstream?

Grande is by no means the first celebrity to endorse Crocs. Post Malone has had multiple collaborations with the brand, and ambassadors include Drew Barrymore and Zooey Deschanel, just to name a few.

We might be giggling about Ari’s choice of footwear now, but who is to say we won’t all be wearing Crocs in a few months when they become the next hottest thing? Never say never.

Image: Instagran / Ariana Grande

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Written By Kate Venman