Ali Oetjen Plans To Go Under The Knife Again And Will Be Sharing The "Whole Experience"

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"Not happy."

Oh the joys of being an influencer. 

We see it everyday on our newsfeeds - someone posing with a vacuum cleaner, teeth whitening kits, body scrubs, hairdryers etc.

Well former Bachelorette Ali Oetjen is fishing for a different collaborator, a plastic surgeon. 

It's no secret Oetjen wants to get a boob reduction, she's made that very clear since admitting last year she made a mistake by getting implants in the first place.

But never fear because with over 174k followers, surely someone is willing to collaborate. In a series of Instagram stories, Oetjen asked for Melbourne based plastic surgeon recommendations. According to the Daily Mail, asking for recommendations is a trick to bring keen collaborators to you.

In the last post, Oetjen revealed she will share the entire experience with her followers. 

She revealed to The Daily Telegraph in 2018 she decided to undergo breast implant surgery to please a boyfriend which she admitted was the wrong reason. 

"I don't want any girl to go through that same thing so that is why I wanted to share it to make sure other girls don't make that mistake."

Oetjen is still dating Bachelorette winer, Taite Radley. 

Image: Instagram


Written By Christina Cavaleri