Alex Nation Hits Back At Haters Who Slam Her New TV Gig

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Shots fired.

On Thursday, gossip magazine New Idea revealed that former The Bachelor contestant and mother-of-one Alex Nation would be joining another show: Teen Mum Australia.

Only thing is, it didn't really go down that well.

Comments on the Instagram announcement ranged from "go away Alex" and 'facepalm' or 'vomit' emojis to longer pieces about the suitablity of reality TV stars to give advice.

"There is such a thing as ‘enough already’ move on Alex get a real life. Be a mother."

Another added: "How the hell is she a good mentor for young teens. #questionable but I won’t be watching she’s a TV reality try hard [sic] ! We’ve seen enough of you Alex thanks but no thanks."

Alex, who became a mother at 18 herself, was quick to respond to the comments writing:

"I will never understand why when a person succeeds, people try and tear them down. What a f**king sad thing! To each of you above, I wish you all wonderful things. How much better would the world be if we lifted others instead of bringing them down. I am so damn excited for this venture, thanks for sharing."

Image: Instagram / Alex Nation


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