Amanda Seyfried Accused Of Bullying Instagram Influencer

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"You have to be aware of the message you're sending..."

Amanda Seyfried has said what many of us have been thinking when it comes to Instagram influencers.

Arielle Charnas, an influencer with over 1.2 million Instagram followers has caught the attention of the Mamma Mia! star after sharing a bikini pic with the caption:

"Proud of my body after two kids."

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Proud of my body after two kids

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In response to the photo, Amanda shared a screenshot of a comment her friend left on Arielle's photo.

The friend - who Amanda refuses to name - asked Arielle to "acknowledge how your wealth made your workouts/body possible".

She goes on to say that the influencer is "glorifying an unhealthy body image in a society that already fetishises the adolescent female form".

Have a read of the full slam dunk of a comment below:

Amanda’s caption revealed that the influencer blocked Amanda and her friend following the online slamming.

"F**k it - this is feed material. 

"My very smart friend (again-not tagging) wrote this on a semi-influencer’s feed and she blocked both of us (even though I didn’t tag her-at least she’s getting the message)."

Since Amanda's post went live, reports Arielle shared an Insta Story (which has expired) saying she’s being “bullied” by the actress and “punished because I’m thin”.

Amanda then defended her argument on Instagram but admits she would like to take back how she started the debate:

"If you know me or are familiar with any of my beliefs or stances you'll recognise that it isn't in my character to tear down anyone for “being who they are.'

"You have to be aware of the message you're sending and be able to back it up when faced with criticism (not just praise). Hold yourselves accountable instead of using the terms above.

"The only thing I'd take back is exactly how I started this debate," the star wrote. "I desperately wish it hadn't targeted (or blasted) one person (there are MANY who engage in this questionable messaging) and instead started a cleaner, general conversation."

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