Your spelling may be the reason you’re single

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All the Single Ladies! A new study from online dating site Zoosk has revealed that your spelling may be what’s stopping you from being in a relationship.

Over 9,000 singles were asked about how a person’s grammar and spelling influences our attraction to those we’re speaking to.

48% said that poor grammar was a deal breaker… better get that spell checker working properly.

24% also associated bad grammar with poor education and lack of intelligence.

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If you’re in the group of people who love abbreviations… 27% of respondents think you’re lazy (4 reelz).

Some advice if you’re looking to nail that special person down?

Don’t use YOLO in your first message to people, 47% said they were less likely to respond.

But feel free to keep LOL’ing you might melt someone’s heart with your humour because in the survey it had an increased message response rate of 25%.

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Written By Jo Macarthur

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