You won't believe what this dog just accomplished

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Jack Terrier Russell dog

Twinkie the Jack Russell terrier just did something most of us never will: break a Guinness World Record!

Out of all the achievements one can accomplish in a lifetime, breaking a Guinness World Record is something that very few of us can lay claim to. Well, be prepared to feel even more insignificant because a new world record has recently been broken.

By a dog.


In a display of balloon-popping prowess, Twinkie the Jack Terrier Russell broke the previous record for the "Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog" with a 39.08-second time. Yes, this is a record that actually exists. In fact, balloon-popping appears to run in Twinkie's family because the previous record-holder was none other than his mother, Anastacia!

Words can't do justice to how weirdly impressive (and satisfying) it is to see a tiny dog chew through 100 balloons, so we'll just leave a video of this record-breaking incident right here:

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The internet is ablaze with distressed comments after this photo circulated online.

You said WHAT, Melbourne?

You said WHAT, Melbourne?