Tinder reveals most popular athletes from Rio Olympics

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With so many hot bods in the Olympic Village, Tinder has revealed which sports were the most successful on the dating app during the games.

According to Tinder, usage increased 129 per cent around the Olympic Village during the games, with athletes swiping left-and-right during their down time between events. 

Tinder looked at Tinder bios of athletes to see which sports were doing the most bonking, and the results are VERY interesting. 

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The data shows men were swiping-right on women who played; 

1. Tennis 

2. Weightlifting 

3. Gymnastics 

4. Sport shooting 

5. Judo

6. Boxing

Weightlifting ranking so high totally smashes the perception, men don’t dig muscular women. 

serena williams

Sport shooting, judo and boxing make us think Olympians appreciate an ass-kicking lady. 

The sports that got women hot and bothered were; 

1. Table Tennis 

2. Field Hockey 

3. Rowing

4. Weightlifting 

5. Rugby 

6. Swimming

How random is table tennis a the top pick?! Must be all the back and forth…?

tinder rio olympics

Over 450,000 condoms were handed out during Rio 2016, so athletes were definitely getting BUSY! 

BRB, signing up for tennis lessons! 

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Written By Huna A

The internet is ablaze with distressed comments after this photo circulated online.

You said WHAT, Melbourne?

You said WHAT, Melbourne?