Where can you watch movies outdoors in Melbourne?

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Summer is here, so even though most of us are back at work, we deserve to wind down with an outdoor movie... maybe a choc top... or a beer.

AND a beer, is more like it. And I'll take some of those delicious popping corns you speak of, please. A whole bag.

Now that we've decided on snacks, where should we actually go to see an outdoor movie this summer in Melbourne?

Here's a few options...


Fresh for the summer season on their brand new rooftop cinema, Hawthorn's awesome Lido Cinemas are a new player in the 'awesome Melbourne movies' game.

Imagine the 'Gold Class' experience (you know, where they bring you all the treats) but in deck chairs on a summer's night above Hawthorn's cityscape.

They're playing classics and new stuff, stuff for families and stuff... not for families... and they're running all through summer until April!

Here's where the info is: https://www.lidocinemas.com.au/Page/Rooftop


Chances are this is the one you think of when you think about outdoor cinemas in Melbourne. It's been running for the longest time, and we all went there when we were kids.

But now we're all grown up and we suddenly realise why Mum & Dad were quite happily letting us run around the gardens while they drank with friends and watched movies all night... it's the actual best.

Spread out your picnic rug, keep watch for the evening 'bat show', and enjoy classic and new movies until about the end of March...

Here are the details: https://www.moonlight.com.au/melbourne/program/


More deck chairs! Great movies! Drinks!

The 'Rooftop Cinema' is on top of Curtin House, right in the heart of the CBD, and they're showing a really interesting mix of classics, '80s hits and even artier fare. Imagine watching Pulp Fiction outdoors!

You can't, right?

Well, now you don't have to!

Check 'em out: http://rooftopcinema.com.au/


Up on Level 2 of the shopping centre in the heart of Melbourne, QV's outdoor cinema do food, drinks and a selection of 'festive films' around the holiday season, family favourites and, of course, '80s classics, which will run up until the end of February!

Here's some more info: https://qvcinema.com.au/


Take it out of town! Jump on a Belgrave train and go to the end of the line, and you'll find a stunning outdoor cinema surrounded by the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, perfect for the comfy deck chair setting and the breezy mountain air you need to really nail your outdoor movie epxerience.

Here's the clever bit - the screen is MASSIVE, and you get your own personal Dolby headphones for the best sound quality. Sure, it doesn't make conversation easy, but for crying out loud, we're at the movies!

Check out Cameo Outdoor Cinemas here!

Now get out there and watch some movies, people!

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Written By Andy Zito
Andy Zito

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