Melbourne's Best: Brighton

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What are the best bits of Melbourne? We're looking around a bit, so we'll let you know

This week we're checking out Brighton.

The beautiful beachside suburb about 11km south-east of Melbourne's CBD, is one of the richest parts of our beautiful city, both in cashflow and culture.

Featuring some of Melbourne's grandest homes, we wanted to have a peek into the every day life of the young and trendy kids living and working in the town they (most likely) grew up in.

We got the inside word from some locals, and here's the hot tip on where to check out:


Image | The Baths Middle Brighton

A stunning restaurant and function venue right on the Esplanade, The Bath Middle Brighton does high-end eating with a beautiful ocean backdrop for lunch or dinner. 

If you're feeling a touch more casual, why not check out the recently re-vamped Baths Café for an amazing laid back breakfast!


Image | Brighton Bathing Box Assoc.

They're exactly as they were 100 years ago, with no power or water – they're just licensed bathing boxes, and that's it.

They're iconic, and they mae you think of Brighton when you see them, thanks to their uniform looks, bright colours and their cute tin roofs.

Put together, they're basically a work of art - think about it, you've seen paintings, pictures, and probably even ventured down for a look yourself, and we'll bet you couldn't resist taking a pic while you were there...

They're a real piece of Melbourne's beach history.

Image | Hugos Group

3. THE PANTRY, 1 Church St

The Pantry is a pretty important piece of Brighton's food culture, gradually expanding into the food Goliath that it is today, featuring the original Pantry restaurant, Hiro Sushi Bar, the Delicatessen, and two more shop fronts with their own unique reputation.

The first is Royale Brothers, a hip burger joint that's consistently making its name on top ten burger lists in Melbourne and Australia, and the second is, quite appropriately, Lickings, perfect for desssert after a Royale with Cheese!

So much food, great vibes, casual and cool. You can't really go wrong, at least not for choice!

4. HALF MOON, 120 Church St

Image | Half Moon

A classic '60s icon, known to some locals as 'the pub', Half Moon has revamped itself over the years into the thriving pub food mecca of the southside.

Family friendly, relaxed and comfortable, Half Moon have a massive list of great booze from all over the world, including some cracking local offers, as well as a themed night every night - from Steak Nights to Pizza, to ana amazing 'All Day Happy Hour' on Wednesdays!



Image | Captain & Co Fish Bar

Of course, your trip to beachside Brighton wouldn't be complete with a fancy fish lunch, prefereably on the beach!

There are so many great options in the area, but the top choices from locals seem to include Captain & Co Fish Bar (Pictured), The Fish Tank (which often hits the 'best of' lists in Melbourne), and Brighton Fish & Chips.

At any rate, it's all about what you're after - grab a hot fish lunch, pile on the potato cakes, and you're all set!

There's so much more to explore in beautiful Brighton, why not head there this weekend and see what you can see by the sea!


Written By Andy Zito
Andy Zito

You said WHAT, Melbourne?

That's right, we've included Monday in this week's because it's time for the Superbowl!

Image | Richard Serong

With a new 'super strength' crystal  hitting Melbourne's streets, Victoria Police have said they're concerned this could lead to even more ecstasy deaths